(Photos courtesy of Gabrielle Halle Photography)

Hey You.
I'm Breanne.
(or Bre..whatever!)

I know you have been searching for a photographer, one you can trust and rely on, one you believe in.
There are so many photographers out there that to choose just one would be intensely difficult and nearly impossible to do.
How do you choose the right person from a sea of talent?
Because in the end it's not what equipment they used or how long it took them to edit a photo.
What matters is how they made you feel, how you knew just by talking to them that they were it.

Now, I am not saying that you and I were meant for each other, because, well..... maybe we aren't.
But that is ok, because you'll know when you find it. But if we are... well then... Hey There You Sexy Devil.

Now, you may be wondering who I am and what I do.
I am a Photographer and Photo Retoucher. A Designer. A Painter. A Dreamer.
I love creation and beauty and diversity and unique-ness. I love the crazy ones.

I love my cat, Chunk, truffle shuffle and all.
I love my dogs, Hook, named for that pirate and Mia, named for MIA-MI.
I love my fiance.
I love my new daughter, Izabella Fern.
I didn't realize love like that was even possible.
I am from Pittsburgh, currently residing in Fort Lauderdale... BUT... will work ANYWHERE, and often do when I get the chance.
Don't be scared. It's an adventure.
I love meeting new people.
SO... call me, email me, text me.
We can get together and chat, over a Guiness (whoop whoop finally giving birth).
Or a coffee, that's also acceptable.




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