Nothing is Impossible

So I wanted to give a little preview into Emily and Derek's gorgeous wedding.
But first I want to say something.
I have been to a lot of weddings, I have heard a lot of ceremonies..speeches..toasts, etc.
At some point they have a tendancy to blur together.
I lose my footing and though I am in the moment capturing all I can, I sometimes dont always feel present.
Too often I become a shadow and the words of the people I hear get tucked in with the words of the past.
But for Emily and Derek's ceremony I heard the officiant say something I'll never forget.
He spoke of his marriage and words that his wife would tell him.
That together nothing is impossible. 

It struck me.
It made me remember what love is, what it means to give yourself entirely over to another person...
what it means to be a team, a partnership, truly two souls coexsisting in perfect unison.
Thats what Emily and Derek are.
I knew it the second I saw him look at her.
And I knew that they have it, that forever kind of love, the kind where nothing is impossible.

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