An Ordinary Day

Dear Marc,

Today is nothing special, I am sitting in a coffee shop, not even drinking coffee..I just like to watch people pass by on the street (you know how I zone out). Today is ordinary, but I sit here and find myself thinking of you and that one time you decided it would be a good idea to take me dancing on our first date. And of course now we know I have to have a bottle of beer before any such event should take place. Im laughing to myself and people are looking but I dont care because they dont know me, they dont understand that I do that some times. They aren't you. It took me a long time to finally get that AH-HA moment (the one where you realize what makes sense) because lets face it, we were young and stupid and selfish and had no idea who we were. Im not saying I know exactly who I am right now but Im better off than I was years ago. You were always that guy that 'wasn't good for me' because you did some stupid/crazy stuff (dont deny it)..and I was always the girl who was reserved and sheltered...complete opposites. We still are opposites in so many ways which is why we work. You understand the things I dont, you're the logic to my nonsensical train of thought, you're the crazy to my reserved. I know that when you are around I can open up to people, something I have always struggled with.

But the truth is my love, no one will know me the way you do. No one will understand why I enjoy doing so much alone or the fact that Im a bit of addict/hoarder for popcorn. No one gets that when I hit a wall or have a panic meltdown I need to be in water immediately. And no one knows my secrets. But you do. You have allowed me to trust someone so deeply that I can be entirely myself without judgement or insecurities. It makes sense to me now why God put you in my life. You're the balance that I have always needed and the happiness I didn't know existed. It is because of you that I have been brave enough to do half the things I've done in my life. It's because of you that Im not afraid of the future or messing up or letting go of things. Thank you for walking in to my class in sixth grade and changing my life. You are without a doubt one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

So, on this ordinary day, on this extraordinary earth I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. You have changed my world for the better just by walking in to it, for saying yes to Amanda when she forced you to 'go out with me', for taking me dancing on our first date in your old ranger, for all the secrets you've kept, and for the ones to come. I Love the stars and back.

xoxo - Bre

Gabrielle Halle Photography

Carly + Chase| Bridegwater Engagement

I have known Carly since I was born...literally...I have a picture of her holding me as a newborn. She is like family to me so when she asked me to photograph her wedding this coming May there was no way I was going to turn that down. I had a blast running around Bridgewater with Carly and Chase, they were all about changing in my pop-up 'turkey hunting tent' aka my changing station...I think Keith (my Godfather..Carlys dad) would be proud ;) Cant wait to shoot your wedding and celebrate with you guys! 



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Christina + Mike | Pittsburgh Engagement

I love Pittsburgh, and I love people who love Pittsburgh. When Christina and Mike explained to me that they wanted their engagement session all around the city I was pretty stoked (yes I went all 'california surfer' on you). The great thing about this city is that it can be for anyone, each section has its own vibe and personality which fit Christina and Mike perfectly. I have never met two people who are so nice and so 'in' to each other, and thank god for that because it made my job so much easier. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in October but until then here is a lil sum'in sum'in from their lovely engagement session! 


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Getting back to the root of it

The truth is, I have not been very good at blogging (I honestly hate that word), however, I love to write. I think writing, like photography, is a way to express situations and emotions of life and I have never wanted my writing to be solely based around my photography. I want the people who read my entries to really feel like they know me, sort of if we happened to cross paths one day you would stop me and chat like we were old friends, therefore I am dubbing this my little diary...not a blog. And, I plan to stick to it, to make time in the weeks of life to sit down and write to you about whatever happens or perhaps about nothing at all. So, for my first declaration of diary freedom I present to you the roots of my life, my family. 

We had a Laszlo family picnic yesterday, I love my Hungarian roots and I love the family that comes with them. We have been trying to get together every year, sort of like a family reunion and this year was awesome. The more I am with my family the more I notice how our lives revolve around the children we are all starting to have. I love this fact because kids always have a way of bringing out the best in grown-ups...they make you want to explore and imagine new pretend that you arent actually in Pennsylvania but rather in a castle and you must be rescued before you can climb down the playground steps. We gravitate to our little ones because they instill hope in us that so many other human beings can sometimes try to destroy. Because of this I tried to fill my camera up with tid-bits of a few little monsters at the picnic. I also tried getting some photos of everyone else that I love (some are missing) because I wouldnt know where I am going if I didnt know where I came from right? So, let's meet my lovely Laszlo's <3

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Makenzie + Eric | Iroquois Boating and Fishing Club

I had the pleasure of meeting Makenzie and Eric through a Jess (another bride of mine) and I have to say that I do not think I could of hit a better jackpot. I have never met two people who are as kind, honest, and loving as this couple; I consider myself to be one lucky woman. I was lucky enough to do their engagement photos in Pittsburgh on Mt. Washington and Grandview Park but I have been even luckier that I got to photograph their wedding and my goodness was it beautiful. Throughout the whole day I felt relaxed, stress-free, and had the most fun at a wedding I have ever had...guest or photographer combined! They decided to skip th bouquet toss and garter for something better...dancing and a best man who would jump on the bar, drench himself in alcohol, then swan dive into the crowd of party-goers. Yep, like I mentioned before, I am one lucky woman when it comes to clients. Anyway, I just wanted to take a second and thank these two amazing people for being a part of my life; I am blessed to know you not only through your photography but through the love that is so passionately and sincerely shared between the two of you. A love like yours does not happen everyday and that is always something to be marveled at. I wish nothing but the best for you and hope to see you again soon.

All my love,


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Arts Fest

I have a desperate need to make this little blog a piece of me and in order for me to do that I will try to add as much of my life into it as I can. I am not claiming that my life is at all relatively interesting but I do enjoy it and personally whats the point of creating a blog or having a photography business for that matter if you dont show people who you really are? I would feel like I am lying and I just could not live with myself if I did something like that. That being said, one of my best friends since I was about...hmmm...5-ish (yea thats basically 20yrs) decided to go to Pittsburghs annual Arts Festival. Neither Amanda nor I had ever went so we figured...1. It was free...2. We had time and it was beautiful out...and 3. It was free. Why wouldnt we take the time to check out some amazing art and hang out at the same time? As we walked around admiring the people, the art, and the Point (who finally fixed the fountain!!) we found ourselves discovering new places in Pittsburgh we probably wouldnt have known exsisted otherwise. So, thank God for the days where its easy to get lost and not care what happens next, for the friends who have changed me for the better, and for this magical city where Life happens.