Two days ago I sat with my nephew in the playroom of Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh (he is ok now). We were in the middle of an intense game on Xbox Kinect when I looked out to the large glass windows which took turns with a garden to share an immaculate view of the city. In the garden I saw a little girl in a wheel chair, an I.V. attached to her arm pumping what I can only assume was a remedy to ease pain. Her grandmother bent over and handed her a pink bottle of bubbles, I couldnt help but wonder if pink was her favorite color. As she leaned over the side of the wheelchair the little girl blew the bubbles away, as if every time she raised them to her lips she was letting go of her pain..making wishes that were lighter than air. Each one turning and rising, falling or bursting...each one carrying a gift, a hope, and a dream..floating so close but just out of reach. This tiny little girl was happy. And I thought to myself...I live a good life, there has been nothing so serious that has happened that I should feel a day of remorse or regret or resentment. If this little girl in this little wheelchair can be happy scattering bubbles in the wind then I should be happy every second of every day of my life. Since then I have been trying to look at the world differently, simpler, to break down the hard parts until there is nothing left but the good. I want to search for my own bubbles in my ordinary life, to pick out the small seemingly meaningless parts and make them into wishes and hopes I send out into the world. So here is my love, my wishes, and my tiny bubbles I give to you in hopes that you may find your own.

All my love,



(Found outside an abandoned house)

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(I just loved all of the lines)

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(I'd pick barefeet over shoes anyday)



Dear Allison,

Thank you for being up for everything I threw at you during your senior session...waterfalls? sure, little patch of grass that may have a snake or two? why not, sitting on a dirty path in your cute dress? why of course bre. You are gorgeous my dear and I hope you realize just how much through your photos. I wish nothing but the best for you and hope you live a life as fabulous as you are.


d g







Welcome back Spring...we've missed you

One of the things I love about Pennsylvania are the seasons, except for winter...I despise winter. Any who, I love the transition from winter to spring because it literally comes out of no where. The flowers magically appear out of thin air and the sun decides to visit for a while. So I am dedicating this short post to my love of spring..flowers..and the colors that we all have missed for so long!

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Jordan Michelle

Only my family calls me "Do" because Jordan insisted, "Just do it Bre"..."Just DO it"...what I think she was really saying was you can do anything you want, be anything you want, and I will love you no matter what. I was thirteen when my sister got married, it is crazy to me to think that she was the same age I am now when she got married. Her first house was more than I could dream of at 23 but my sister has always been a big dreamer, something I have always admired about her. We have the same sense of humor, goofy voice, and the need to cut/dye our hair at the drop of the hat. We both love to paint, spend time with her kids, and create something out of nothing. The one thing that seperates us is age, she is ten years older than I am and I think sometimes she has always felt like she needed to take care of me and my brothers. I don't imagine that it was easy being the oldest of four, especially with two brothers coming after and then a sister at the end but in her own way Jordan has the ability to adapt and love unconditionally. She is also a talker, something we differ in as well, then again when you have three older siblings how much room was there for me to talk? ;) She can talk about anything, her hands vigourously sifting through the air bound to hit the person standing closest, she in infamous for this in our family. There are things I wish I would say to her, things I never really told her, like how I wish I could have known her better growing up or the fact that she inspires me more than anyone else. Maybe I should tell her that she is beautiful beyond compare or that she changed my life when she became a mother. I should tell her that even though I don't say much I know I can tell her anything without judgement or the fact that she deserves a day off. Yes, there are things I know I should tell her, but she is my sister and therefore one half of me, without her I am nothing...and somehow I think she knows that. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I love you my sister...Happy 34th Birthday.

I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart







A Sea of Sparkles

You would think just from looking at the start of this blog that I love my nephews and nieces (one is on the way today) more than anything in the world....you would be right. I smile more when I am around these monsters than any other human being I know and I thank God for that everyday of my life. Lyla is turning two this month...TWO! I remember when she was born and how tiny she was, how we all said she's been kissed by an angel because of the birthmark on her forehead, and how bald she was (shes just now getting more hair). I remember the feeling I got the first time she was able to say my name in her tiny girlish voice. She is a little fashionista now, making me buy her glitter jelly sandles and refusing to leave the store without wearing them out, seriously that happened yesterday. Besides being a little ball of fun she is a fantastic model. Even when she had had enough of taking pictures she "pinky promised" me that she would take just a few more to satisfy her annoying aunt. I love this 'Prettiest Baby La's' and can't wait to see where life takes her; to the moon, the stars, and a sea of sparkles.

Happy Birthday babygirl

*Aunt Do

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Charlie Hunnam, hot chocolate, and my three favorite people

Life is full of tiny things, the ones that we mistakenly overlook during the long hours of the day. So today I tried to make it a point to look for these tiny miraculous moments. I found myself working at my sisters house where I know three tiny people that would make life a little brighter for a few hours. In between the random cups of hot chocolate, checking my phone (blame it on my new Charlie Hunnam wallpaper), and editing I caught myself feeling the happiest I have in a long time. Thanks to Caden, Cruz, and Lyla my life (even in its hardest moments) is a proven gift from God. Here is to all the little things I miss when I forget to look for them, and for those I have yet to find. 


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