My first blog post and one fine day

Allow me to introduce myself (did Jay-z pop in your head?...I hope so...Ive always wanted to do that), my name is Bre and for the first time in my life I plan on adding to a blog on a regular basis...lets see how far this gets me. Today was a fine day, not only because it was the beginning of my new blog and website but because I spent the day with people I love. I grew up in a fairly small town outside of Pittsburgh where if you drive ten minutes west you are in the middle of nowhere, drive ten minutes east and your in town. Not much goes on here which is the common complaint among everyone but somehow we all have managed to survive just fine. The best part of living in a town where you basically know everyone is the fact that you keep the friends you made along the way, the sad part is you grow up. We have gotten older and it gets hard to find the time to get together and just be ourselves but I will repeat, today was one fine day. 

Jel, Kourt, and I have been friends for years and this year Jel is getting married which gives us an excuse to hang out more often. It was Jels dress fitting today and since Kourt and I had the day off we decided to see the bride in her gorgeous gown(cant give away too much...Andy could be reading). Afterwards we had a few hours to just walk around Big Rock Park and laugh...literally I dont ever stop laughing when I am with these people...a stupid glance from one of us and we become immature 14yr olds again (just ask Kourt about the time she 'coughed' in English class). Luckily I had my camera to remember our small great day together just being friends.


IMG 8222